Business Intelligence finally in the hands of business users: What resellers need to understand about game changing BI trends

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Gartner has predicted that in 2016, the worldwide spend on BI will reach $16.9 bn. More specifically, the Middle East and Africa Business Intelligence and Analytics Software Market is poised to grow at a CAGR of around 8.3% in the next 5 years to reach approximately $4.1 billion by 2020.There is clearly a huge window of opportunity for BI resellers. But what do they need to know about emergent BI buying trends to make the most of it?

As organizations strive to compete in a hyper connected world, information has become their most important asset. Gaining a direct line of vision on their operations is critical for enterprises as they try to keep up with the three forces of fast-changing customer expectations, increasing regulations and disruptive innovation. Business intelligence solutions are bringing organizations away from geographically and functionally siloed information; companies are finally able to access and make sense of their business operations in a time frame that allows them to make timely tactical decisions.

Traditionally, business intelligence platforms have been requisitioned, deployed and provisioned by the IT team. But this has been changing for some time now with business users demanding more autonomy in access to data as well as analytics capabilities. According to a recent report by Gartner, “During the past several years, the balance of power for business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform buying decisions has gradually shifted from IT to the business as the long-standing BI requirement for centrally provisioned, highly governed and scalable system-of-record reporting has been counterbalanced by the need for analytical agility and business user autonomy.” Gartner assesses that as business users get more involved in the BI spending decisions, they will look for the following capabilities in the platform:

  • Agile centralized BI provisioning
  • Decentralized analytics enabled for self-service
  • Governed data discovery
  • Embedded BI into processes, applications and portals
  • Extranet deployment for the external customer or, in the public sector, citizen access to analytic content

For resellers, we recommend evaluating this shift at two levels. At a broader level, with business getting more involved, knowledge of industry verticals, their specific business models and challenges will be more important. Resellers thus need to invest in building a team with the requisite understanding of business application software and how exactly technology impacts their clients’ competitive landscape and market opportunities. Investing in new skills can also allow resellers to create new service-backed offerings, which can open up new revenue streams.

More specific to BI, resellers need to understand the infrastructure and technology capabilities that will allow BI platform vendors to meet the changing customer requirements. With fast-paced technological innovation, this space is seeing disruptive new entrants as well as established majors making some radical changes to their features design. A big case in point is that Oracle, a long established name in BI, did not qualify for the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant this year. A current understanding what works is going to be critical to winning a big piece of the BI pie.

Key Reseller Take Aways:

  • The BI market in Middle East and Africa will grow at over 15% CAGR
  • Greater access, control and self-service capabilities for business users and their needs will take center stage in spending decisions on Business Intelligence.
  • The competition point for resellers will shift from price to customer knowledge and the ability to solve customer-specific BI challenges.
  • The BI platforms space is undergoing tremendous disruption; understanding the key technology trends and enablers will be critical for resellers.

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